Introducing Some       Good Games        For Beginners :


Stardew Valley

Have you ever dreamt of getting away from it all – leaving your busy life behind for a peaceful life in the country. If so, then Stardew Valley might be the game for you.
Stardew Valley is the ultimate escapism fantasy. In the game, you quit your job to inherit an old family farm. The player must plant, harvest and sell produce while renovating a plot of land.; nurturing it from an abandoned dump into a to a thriving farm.
Each new day brings a fresh set of tasks and challenges. Animals need to be fed, crops watered and debris cleared. However, it is extremely satisfying seeing your hard work pay off. Trust me, when your farm is ready for harvest and you see the fruits of your labor popping joyfully out of the earth, you’ll be hooked.
Of course, it’s not just farming. Amongst other things, you can fish, befriend or court your neighbors, take part in festivals and even venture into dangerous caverns. This game is packed full of activities, details and secrets to discover around every corner.
Stardew Valley is the perfect game if you want to relax. Simple controls, satisfying gameplay and beautiful aesthetics combine to make playing it feel like a warm hug after a long day.
This game can also be played with friends online, making it a popular option for long-distance relationships and friendships.



Even if you’re new to gaming, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of Minecraft, the game that lets you build anything. Minecraft drops you into a world entirely made of destructible cubes. By destroying, collecting and combining these blocks,  you can create anything you can imagine and shape the world to your liking.
On the PC version at least, the world of Minecraft is infinite. That’s right, you read correctly, you could will never find a barrier or edge or wall. This combined with the sheer amount of things you can build by combining the hundreds of blocks in the game means that you are really only limited by your imagination
As well as building, players must also keep themselves healthy as they explore and avoid or defeat a menagerie of monsters that emerge at night time. However, for a more casual experience, it is also possible to play without these dangers.
Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time and has become a cultural phenomenon among younger audiences. It can be played alone or together with friends and is a big hit for players of all ages. One of the best games for beginners you’ll find.


The Walking dead

Looking for a thrill?
You don’t need quick reflexes and fancy button combinations to enjoy heart-pounding tension in games. The Walking Dead is based on the TV series of the same name and is one of those rare cases where a game is better than the intellectual property it was based on.
Playing The Walking Dead  primarily consists of making decisions which, in turn, affect the story and the fates of you and the other characters. There are also other mechanics such as solving puzzles, however where this game really shines is the story.
While, this game is easy to control and therefor very appropriate for beginners, The Walking Dead is famous for challenging players with some seriously heart wrenching decisions. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you want to participate in a powerful character lead narrative, this is the game for you.


Monument Valley

If you’re the kind of person who loves problem solving and feeling clever, then look no further than Monument Valley.
Monument Valley is an extremely popular puzzle game for mobile devices that looks and plays like an M.C. Escher painting.
Play as Ida, a princess on a journey through a world of tiny mazes. By interacting with the environment, the player must guide Ida from the start of the maze to an exit. Each level is also an optical illusion and makes clever use of the games fixed isometric viewpoint.
As you progress, you are introduced to new ways to interact with the game and the puzzles become increasingly complex.
With simple controls, clever design and beautiful aesthetics, this game is a great choice for any beginner looking for a challenge.



Are you the kind of person who can think 10 steps ahead? Do you get a rush out of of outsmarting people? Or do you get a kick out of collecting rarities?
If any of the above apply to you, then Hearthstone could be your new favourite game.
Hearthstone is a game about collecting cards and using them to battle other players. Each player constructs decks out of the cards they have collected and then play cards in sequence, trying to attack their opponent.
The basics of the Heathstone are very simple to use, and it features an extensive tutorial that will make sure you know what you are doing. This is a game which rewards cleverness, each match like a small game of chess.
Hearthstone is an excellent collectable card game and a great introduction to the genre. It is also very accessible for beginners and an excellent choice for the tactically inclined.



This game made me cry.
Journey is a critically acclaimed game which is universally praised for its evocative gameplay, beautiful aesthetics and innovative design.  The player takes on the mantle of a lone wanderer, making their way across a desert.
After starting the game and climbing your first sand dune, you are met by two things: a mountain in the distance and the games title, “Journey” (The only text you will see for the remainder of the game). From this, your objective is clear: you need to climb that mountain.
What follows is an extremely emotional and evocative experience as you skate across sand, delve into underground chambers and struggle against icy winds. Along the way, there are mysteries to uncover and puzzles to solve. But a lot of the satisfaction in the game comes from the journey itself.
In your travels you may also encounter other players making their own way towards the mountain. Although you cannot communicate outside of pushing a button to make a small noise, you can silently choose to accompany each other on your travels, sharing moments and helping each other. Or you could walk on past and continue alone. It’s your Journey.
Journey is an exploration of growth, perseverance, and companionship. It  seems to mean something a little different to everyone who plays it, but I would recommend it to everyone. Very simple controls and intuitive design make this game perfect for beginners.
Although it is currently exclusive to Playstation consoles, it will be released on PC in 2019. It is simply too good to be excluded from this list.


Life Is Strange

A murder mystery, wrapped in a teen drama featuring lots of time travel. Oh and it’s a video game.
Life is Strange is a surprisingly evocative game about the struggles of growing up and finding yourself.
You play as Max, a teenage girl who moves back to her hometown and discovers she can reverse time. The game is split across 5 episodes, each taking place over one day, starting with the day she discovers her powers.
The story focuses around Max reconnecting with her rebellious childhood best friend, Chloe, and the disappearance of a local girl.
The challenges in Life is Strange primarily consist of using Max’s power to rewind time in creative ways to solve puzzles or interact with other characters. Imagine being able to talk to someone, ask them questions, and then rewind time to start the conversation again.
Life is Strange throws such a variety of problems and situations at the player based on this mechanic that it always feels fresh.
Despite, some unconvincing voice acting at times and overused “teen speak” that doesn’t do justice to the games textured characters, Life is Strange succeeds in telling a tender and meaningful story.
Additionally, the ability to rewind situations and try again makes it the perfect game for beginners who want to invest themselves in a good narrative. It’s not one you will forget.


Rayman Legends

Unpredictable, exciting, silly and undeniably entertaining: Rayman legends is one of these games which is just fun to the core. Every element of it is bursting with fun surprises and humor. And accordingly, it has been held up by many as the pinnacle of the modern platformer genre.
Platformers are games in which the goal is to move your character from the one side of the screen to the other. Think the original Super Mario games. Many platformers have a reputation for being easy to learn but hard to master.
Rayman Legends is no exception to this rule. As a beginner, you will have no problem diving into this game and progressing. The game will slowly introduce new ways to play, building on what you have learned until by the end you will feel like a master.
Simple controls and a steadily increasing challenge make Rayman Legends appropriate for all skill levels. You can enjoy this wacky game by yourself or play with up to 3 other friends.


Portal 2

Portal 2 is a game about physics. And if that sounds boring, bear with me because I promise you, its anything but.
You play as a test subject escaping a crumbling laboratory with the aid of a wise-cracking robot. The lab itself is a fiendish maze of puzzles and obstacles.
In order to navigate through this labyrinth (pun intended) you must make use of a “portal gun”. This gun allows you to connect two points in space.
For example, if you needed to cross a to the other side of a room but were cut off by a deep pit, you could place one portal on your side and then fire another to the other side of the room. You could then step through as if they were connected. Cool right?
But where Portal 2 becomes legendarily clever, is how this allows you to interact with the world. You can only place two portals at a time and the game only allows you to place them on certain surfaces. This forces you to think outside the box.
Portal 2 also features a highly engaging story supported by a talented and hilarious cast of characters. It also has an excellent cooperative mode that lets you through an entirely different set of puzzles with a friend!
This game is highly recommended for players of all skill levels. It is definitely the most mechanically complex of all the games for beginners on this list. However, because it is a first person game (played from the protagonist’s perspective), it is a great introduction to how to control game characters in the first person.
Many other popular games that are more intensive and fast pace use this same control system. So if you are interested in playing first person shooter games one day, this is a great place to learn the ropes.

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